Sunday, January 23, 2011

And the Search Begins!


This is how the shelter shopping began.

Robin's Ideal Puppy Characteristics: Loves to snuggle, will not only tolerate but enjoy incessant grooming/ holding/ babying by Robin. Also smart and enjoys training.

Chris' Ideal Puppy Characteristics: Playful, socially excitable, and not a big barker. So, not completely opposite Robin's list..... but close.

Here are some of our prospects...

(Below) This little guy was at the Humane Society of Charlotte- turns out he had a long list of potential adoptors-  lucky man! The HS Charlotte and all of the rescue organizations provided truly wonderful experiences, except for the Cabarrus Humane Society, which seemed in dire need of resources. Chris & I agreed sadly that we just didn't have the heart to return there, an agonizing decision, since those were likely the puppies which needed us most.

(Below): This litter of five included some cuddly Labs and some Newfoundland pups! Gorgeous! For more info you can find out about them or support similar rescue efforts at their resale store- Faithful Friends Animal Rescue in Hickory, NC.

(Below): Tori has got to be one of the happiest and most playful puppies we've ever seen! We fell in love with her gorgeous colors and we're told she's quite the snuggler, too! You can find more info on Tori & others like her at Ironstone Lane Rescue in Troutman, NC.

(Below): This little Lab puppy was with her brother- and both were also cuddlers at 3.5 months. More like them can be found by emailing

Special thanks for for being an INVALUABLE resource during our search!

Stay tuned to see just who we'll end up with...

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