Saturday, January 29, 2011

Am I walking Dallas or is she walking me?

So our routine has been to get up at 6am each day and go for an immediate walk - this way both of us are up and running and ready to take on the day. And each day, I have taken her on a different route within the neighborhood. The odd thing is, for the first half of the walk, Dallas is very shy and will walk behind me. For the second half of the walk, no matter where we are, Dallas gets this sense we are starting to make the turn for home and will immediately jump into the lead - to the point that she is pulling me down the street. And when the house comes into sight, look out world - she is ready for a full sprint home. The great thing is, now she is used to immediately going into the back yard after the walk to "take care of business" and then can't wait to get inside. Finally, she has now learned that at that point, I am going to take a shower and she is going to get to sleep more next to Robin - with Robin comfortably in bed and Dallas on the floor next to her. Nice way to know my girls are taken care of as I am off to work!!!!! And looking forward to my walk with Dallas later that night.....

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