Wednesday, January 26, 2011


As you may have guessed, we chose the little black lab puppy in Chris' arms in the last photo! We named her "Dallas" after the first city we lived in together, after we married.

I knew she was a perfect fit when I picked her up and she melted in my arms, sinking her head into my neck and relaxing when I held her upside down, like a baby- all four paws in the air. I think Chris fell in love with her playful side, as she was involved in a non-stop tug-o-war struggle with her brother over a rubber chicken chew toy for the entire 45 minutes we spent with her.

We prepared for her arrival with a major shopping spree at the local PetSmart: healthy dog food, leash, chew toys, dog bed, dried liver treats, shampoo, baby gate, pink diamond-studded collar (Chris actually winced), and more.

We also slept for three nights with an extra blanket in our bed, and next to our skin. This would be her dog blanket, but we wanted her to be able to smell us when she went to bed. Also, her foster mom gave us some of her old food, so we could slowly transition her to our new healthier food without upsetting her stomach. I hid all of the electrical cords in the house, and anything else she might try to chew, and set up the baby gate to create a little crate for her in the hallway until she's house-trained.

On the day I picked her up at the park, her foster mom was running late, so I waited about 15 extra minutes in the cold... nervous. Will she like us? Will we do right by her? Will we be a family? Can we protect her? Does my hair look ok? I actually thought that- Does my hair look ok? 

Her foster mom finally arrived and I took her in my arms. At last! Finally! She's mine! A dream come true! My new little bundle of joy stared up at me with those adorable big brown eyes.

And immediately threw up.


  1. I'm choosing to believe that she was so HAPPY that she threw up. :)

    I'm sure you're going to be amazing puppy parents! Dallas is one lucky girl!

  2. Oh, that is hilarious, literally laugh out loud funny. You've got a great voice going already on this blog. :)

  3. So perfect!! Angel often comes over and looks me deeply in the eyes, then snuggles under my chin all lovingly -only to raise her head and burp directly in my face. Maybe its a black lab thing. Welcome to the club ; )

  4. Yeah- Dallas actually scared herself yesterday (and nearly knocked me over) with one of her own farts. Gotta love those lab bodily functions!