Friday, February 11, 2011

Spay Day

We got Dallas spayed yesterday.

We walked into Animal Control and Dallas honestly looked like she thought she'd won the doggie lotto. There were playmates EVERYWHERE! What a great place! Limieu, a great big black lab behind us in line had to be carried in, she was so terrified. (Me to Limieu's Owner: Limieu- is that a famous French painter? Owner: No. Hockey player.) Oh. Of course.

Anyway, Limieu looked terrified: tail between her legs, refusing to move, crying, and enormous eyes. Until she saw Dallas. Dallas had one thing on her mind: to play with this giant beast who was 1.5 months older and 3-4 times heavier than Dallas.  In about 3 minutes, Limieu's tail was out behind her and she was jumping on Dallas and smiling (yes, dogs smile). Her owner was so grateful and I was so proud!

Then a snauzer type dog further behind us in line entered, and went into a non-stop anxious yip/cry. So I brought Dallas out of line, and over there. Once again, that dog calmed down & quieted, too. I'm so proud of my companion dog- making the world a better place in her small doggie way.

When I picked her up after her operation, Dallas was so groggy, and as the vet tech handed her to me to carry to the car, she woke momentarily long enough to slowly kiss my face once, before she crashed out asleep in my arms again.

She's now in recovery mode. Wearing a sporty victorian collar on (no longer plastic, they're made of cloth these days, which looks much more comfortable), she is currently on pain meds. and has been pretty groggy all night and morning. She refused to eat or drink anything last night, but today spent six hours on a meal that she typically downs in under 5 minutes. I'm just thrilled that she finally ate a whole meal, and has kept it all down.

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