Friday, February 4, 2011

Not exactly the Princess and the Pea

You'd be amazed all that a puppy can do in her sleep.

For example, right now, she is sacked out completely on top of a toy. Not a soft, plush, stuffed animal toy she has, that would make sense to sleep on. Oh no, she is genuinely dead to the world on top of a hard, chewy, cold toy. And she's not exactly using it as a pillow. Rather, its stuck up underneath her right shoulder, so her little body contours around it, on her side, but her head hangs down, off of it. I mean, really.... how can THAT be comfortable?

Yet, there she is. Fast asleep.

I wish I could sleep like that. Airplane rides, car trips, I could get so much more done, if I could just sleep anywhere/time/place, like my dog! I would arrive places fresh and ready to go, no more jetlag! Wouldn't the world be a better place if I could just sleep like Dallas?

Then again, while sleeping, Dallas also has been known to:

  • snore
  • cry
  • run (yes her little lab paws really get quite a sleep-jog going!) and she even gets out of breath in her sleep
  • growl (which is especially funny because she doesn't ever growl in her awake life.)
  • chew (I'm not sure if she's trying to lick, dreaming of eating, or just grinding her teeth like half of America.)
  • talk (I'm not sure what else to call this... she kind of makes "aroooo" noises in her sleep, but also often in her awake life, too, like she's got something to say.)

Sometimes I wonder if she's truly getting any rest at all.

Dallas, sleeping.

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