Monday, January 23, 2012

Jake & Dallas

Yesterday I was on the computer and Chris was reading. Dallas was glued (as usual) to the front window when she suddenly starts making awkward whining noises, racing around between us and jumping up at the window. Chris and I looked at each quizzically, wondering why our dog was instantly nuts. Then I followed her gaze. Her BFF, Jake (a Swiss Mountain dog) was on leash with his parents, walking by our house. I quickly opened our front door and invited them in.

Hi. I'm Jake.

Tolerant Jake as Dallas tried to snake his squeaky toy.

Surprisingly from this photo, Jake actually weighs in at about 3 times what Dallas does. Neither one of them seems to realize there is a difference, though.

Wait- is there something out there?

And to the victor go the spoils.


  1. Great photos! Jake had a blast and slept for the rest of the evening which was nice for us:)

  2. Yes- Dallas was pretty pooped out by the end of the play session, too! We must do it again soon!