Sunday, November 27, 2011


Poor Dallas. I became intent on dressing her up, and she indulged me, unentertained though she was. The block's first trick-or-treator was an adult pillsbury dough boy. Inexperienced in the concept of Halloween, Dallas was most certainly not willing to accept him on her block. And this became one of the few times she absolutely found her voice. "Sound the alarms! Sound the alarms- I'm not sure what this guy is, but he is MOST unusual!"

After the dough boy, neighbor Liz sat with Chris, Dallas, and myself on the front driveway and effectively handed out 900 pieces of candy in two hours. Dallas and I were the only two of the foursome dressed up.

A 'Wicked Halloween': Elphaba & Galinda

"I wanna be popular"

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  1. This Doggie Bloggie is cracking me up! Almost as much as the green on your face shocked me. (I'm no expert on witches, but I'm pretty sure no smile belongs on a face THIS green!) And give Dallas a rub behind the ears for chasing off a Dough Boy -- they are riddled with carbs and deserved to be chased off any front porch!