Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Dallas is doing much better- thanks for all the well wishes on facebook! We are just starting her third day of proper digestion. She has finished one med and is still on boiled chicken and rice, but at her vet's insistence, last night we introduced her normal (much more nutritious) kibble with the chicken/rice mixture and so far so good.

She loves going outside, but because we still don't know what she ate that originally made her sick in the first place, I've got her trapped on the deck.
I've created a little fence around the BBQ (just in case she was getting into something there there that might be causing her stomach problems.)
Then I built a little fence to block off the gate, so she can't wander and eat anything in the backyard which might be contributing to her issues. This was our previous blockade....
And now it looks like this
I've actually woven a paper through the wires because I used the same fencing to surround me garden and little Dallas has actually plowed into it twice now... anyway, this might make it more visible...

We still have no idea what caused her problem, but as we transition away from the rice, chicken and meds, and toward kibble, we are hesitant to take any chances. At the same time, these aren't long term solutions- she loves her backyard.

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